quantity 5 pack

   Price $29.75




   quantity 5 pack

   Price $29.75

EasySplicer Introduces SOCs - Splice-On Connectors

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EASYSPLICER FORC-EZ7 Splice-on Connectors & Fiber Holders


Phone: 877-287-7535



    Fiber Holders

​    250 μm and 900 μm


    Price $75

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Clad Alignment V-groove Fusion Splicer 


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FiberOptic Resale has just introduced an upgrade with some new features and improvements including the availability of LC SOCs which is important for data centers and high speed networks. Upgrades include long life electrodes (5000 fuses) and a higher temperature oven that can shrink SOC sleeves better. A upgraded cleaver now includes a fiber trash bin to keep fiber shards off the workbench. And software updates provide better functionality.