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Clad Alignment V-groove Fusion Splicer 


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The EasySplicer differs from other fusion splicers as it's made with focus on the installer/user.

Many splicers on the market are difficult to use and require a lot of education before they can be operated. Even very competent splicers may require extensive training. Not the EasySplicer. It's very easy to learn how to use and requires only an hour to learn how to splice.

The EasySplicer has only 3 buttons and only the main button used for splicing. 

With its extremely high precision it makes typical splicing with a loss of 0,03 dB (Singlemode).

After splicing it pull tests the splice and makes a loss estimation of the splicer and indicates any issues. This information is also provided before splicing (ex; bad fiber, dirty fiber).

The internal battery pack is small but powerful, it can perform 60 splices before it needs to be recharged. Extra battery packs can be purchased and easily exchanged by the installer.

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Email: sales@easysplicer-usa.com

  • For Singlemode and Multimode        Splicing
  • Splice Time of Less Than 7 Seconds
  • Loss Estimation​

The EasySplicer is constantly calibrating itself for environmental changes, like moisture.

Calibration can also be performed manually and is easily done within seconds. Calibrating before the start of each work day to make sure splicing is made perfect.

The EasySplicers uses the V-grove splicing method, the same method as ribbon splicers which allows the splicer to keep its size small and cost-effective.

Although the EasySplicer is one of the most inexpensive splicers on the market its performs 4-5 better than more expensive splicers.

  • Pull Test of Performed Splices
  • Built in Oven
  • ​Perfect for the FTTH Installer

Fusion Splicing Made Easy and Affordable With The EasySplicer

EasySplicer FORC- EZ7 Design

IBEW NECA Electrical Training Center Uses The FORC EZ7

Calibration & usage

How The EasySplicer Works

EasySplicer FORC EZ7—the first of its kind handheld portable V-Groove fusion splicer kit made for the FTTH installer, fiber installers, electrical contractors, training schools and more. FORC EZ7 fusion splicer manufactured by FiberOptic Resale Corporation is one of the most affordable splicers and with only three buttons it's one of the easiest splicers to operate in the world. The EZ7 splicer had great reviews by the FOA (Fiber Optic Association of America).​

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